New England Photography Summit | Knowledge & Networking for Photographers


The goal of Lens & Light is to provide an educational experience and networking community to inspire current and upcoming photographers.

The Lens & Light Summit is currently the only photography conference of this size and type happening in the New England area. With the broad range of focus tracks and topics, it is the ideal conference for photographers in any field.


Not only will this Summit be an incredible community building and networking event for all attendees with each other, but we are also excited to host an integrative summit in which attendees have several opportunities to interact with and be mentored by the speakers.

The Lens & Light speakers stay for the entirety of the conference and participate in supper clubs, small group mentoring, portfolio/image/website reviews and more.


The Lens & Light Summit will have a full track dedicated to creative types of photography that are not commonly represented in conferences of this scale.

This will offer wedding, portrait and commercial photographers several opportunities to try something creative, learn new skills and be inspired in their own work.

Additionally, the Summit is working closely with the speakers to create several interactive and innovative experiences for attendees, such as live image reviews, portrait photo bays, a commercial production, an off-site food workshop in a restaurant and much more.


With 23+ of the industry’s leading photographers and educators, the Lens & Light Summit is truly a one-of-a-kind educational event.

From keynotes and lectures to hands on classes and small mentor groups, this Summit will provide a unique and inspirational experience for all attendees.

There will be many chances for motivated and excited photographers to expand their horizons and enhance their art and their businesses, making it an incredible opportunity.


Chris & Jen

Chris and Jen are two Connecticut based photographers who are passionate about the photography community. They both know the importance of networking and education, and are striving to create a vibrant community of industry professionals in New England. They both have learned many techniques and skills from photographers outside their niche, and want others to have those opportunities as well.